Wildfire Home Safety

Wildfire Home Safety

Wildfire is a serious threat to lives, property and natural resources in California and the City of Montebello. Firefighters throughout the State make countless preparations and train frequently in order to be ready for all types of emergencies, including wildfires. We highly encourage residents to do the same.

You can dramatically increase your safety and the survivability of your property by preparing well in advance of a wildfire. The guide below, provided to us by CalFire, provides comprehensive information on how to improve your home’s resistance to wildfires and prepare your family to be ready to leave early in a safe manner.

Throughout the State we call this process, “Ready, Set, Go!”

Please read the guide and learn about:

Defensible space

Ignition resistant materials

The danger of winds

Wildfire Home Safety Guide

We hope you’ll find the information in the guide helpful. As always, if you need more information about preparing for wildfire or any other disaster, contact your nearest fire station or you can visit www.fire.ca.gov.